A New Year’s Resolution for all sellers – Give your house some ‘OOMPH’ and give buyers a great first impression

When you realise you yet again have absolutely no plans for New Years Eve…

If you haven’t watched at least one of the Home Alone films over the festive period yet, what is wrong with you? Go and dig out the Radio Times, it’s the only time of the year people actually buy it, and find out when it’s next on.

The inspiration for this week’s blog comes from the first Home Alone film after I saw a friend share the below picture on Facebook:


When I was in secondary school I went on an exchange trip to Ithaca, in America, and I remember a lot of the houses actually looking like this from the outside. Even at a young age I was thinking exactly the same thing – how much do they cost? Maybe I have always been destined to become an estate agent, who knows. But seriously, who can deny they wouldn’t want to look inside this property after seeing the outside?

One of the first things I would ask any seller who is reading this, is what do people actually see when they drive past your house? I understand we aren’t all millionaires with houses looking like those in American films (wouldn’t it be great if we were), but it doesn’t cost a lot to get rid of weeds or give your gates and fences a lick of paint to brighten up the exterior of the property and draw in buyers. So without further ado, here are my top tips on giving your property’s outside image some OOMPH this New Year!


  1. Painting – You might think nobody cares about this, but trust me they do. Just because you never look at the front of your house as you rush out to work every morning, it doesn’t mean buyers don’t notice the flaking paint on the walls or garage door. So in short, make sure the flakes are taken care of! It’s also important to try and stay clear of bright or bold colours, stay neutral and light to give it a fresh, clean image. Unless of course you have a wooden door, you could always paint this to give the house some more character.
  2. Gardening –  Unless you’re Alan Titchmarsh, you’re probably worried there’sfront-garden not a lot you can do to your front garden – but you’d be wrong.  There are lots of simple ways to improve your garden, add a hanging basket or two next to the front door for instance, or buy some small, low maintenance plant pots.
    At the very least, make sure you keep on top of mowing the lawn or de-weeding the block paving if you have a driveway to ensure your house is as presentable as possible. If your front garden / driveway is overgrown it can give the impression your home is not cared for and that’s the last message you want to send to a potential buyer.
  3. Fencing, walls and gates – Make sure the boundaries of your property are secure and not leaning, rusting or rotten. If there are holes in the fence or your front gate sticks every time you leave your house, repair it! This can be really off-putting for buyers and wont take much money or effort to fix.
  4. Light and Front Door Number – Invest in a cheap outdoor light to guide your viewer to the front door for any evening viewings – you really don’t want your potential buyer falling over if they cannot see where they are going. Having a light also shows you have nothing to hide and gets the viewing off to a good start. It is also worth buying a front door number, possibly even a posh one with a street name engraved on it. This not only sfront-door-signhows you are proud of your home but it also makes it easier for potential buyers to find your house! I found these on Groupon not too long ago for a really good price for around £10!
  5. Clean your windows – Either grab a pair of ladders or pay the window cleaner to keep your windows gleaming, no buyer will want to see dirty windows.
  6. Bins – If your rubbish bins are kept out the front, try to putwheely-bin
    them in a separate place or cover them so they blend in more with their surroundings and aren’t an eye sore. It’s also important make sure they aren’t overflowing!

I really do hope this helps get you moving in the New Year!


If you live in a NE8, NE9, NE10 or NE11 postcode, if you call 0191 4978310 and quote OOMPH17, we can offer you a free market appraisal and the best NEW YEAR OFFER we have ever seen at £850 + VAT to sell your home!

& Remember, if you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree. b


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