When you first put your house up for sale with an estate agent, you will be asked whether you want an agent to do your viewings or if you would prefer to do them yourself. Most people who are selling their home these days decide to dotheir viewings by themselves, after all, who knows your house better than you? 


I remember when my parents were selling their last house and whenever the agent called to arrange a viewing we had a frantic day of getting the house tidied and decluttered. We lived in a bungalow at the time and it took well over a year to sell, but thinking back, there is definitely more we could have done to make the property more appealing to buyers and increased our chances of  a quicker sale. As I am fairly certain that’s what you want too (why else would you be reading this?), I will stop my rambling and introduce this week’s blog.

How to do a viewing…..images


1.Remember why you fell in love with your house in the first place, whether it’s the double driveway to provide off street parking or the hidden extra storage in the kitchen, use this as your USP (unique selling point) and don’t be scared to big your property up to buyers! At the same time, do not let any of your negative thoughts about why you may be moving take over your viewing and always remember, your house was once perfect for you, so it will be for someone else too. 

2. Be polite and welcoming, but remember your viewer doesn’t want to hear your life story, they’re here to see your house, not you, after all. Baring this in mind, keep the conversation friendly but focused on the task in hand – selling your house. It is also advisable to prepare a pack for any questions they may ask so you are prepared – How old is the boiler? Any work you have had done? Gas and Electric prices? Internet service? EPC rating? Council tax band? Local schools? 

3. Open your windows throughout the day to let as much fresh air into the property as possible in advance of the viewing. In winter, make sure you have enough time to get the house heated back up again before your viewer arrives.

4. Buy some fresh floflowerswers and stand them in a pretty vase, not only will these smell nice and add a fresh feeling to your home, but they can also be used to
draw attention to a focal point of a room, e.g dining table, or a big window.

5. De-Clutter. As simple as it sounds, make sure your entire home is clean and tidy, taking special care in the kitchen. You can put away larger items such as toasters and coffee machines to show off more worktop space. Finally, make sure all of your dishes are put away from the drainer – the buyer wants to imagine themselves living there, not you.

6.Remember everyone isn’t a pet lover, so make sure on any viewings you have someone to look after your cat/dog etc so they are out of the house. Pets can put buyers off and removing them temporarily makes the whole viewing experience a lot calmer for both yourself and your viewer. 

7. Get some plug in air fresheners or light a large candle (soft cotton, or white lincandeen, nothing too strong or overpowering) a few hours before the viewing, this will fill your home with a nice fresh smell. Asda currently have really good offers on Yankee candles, so why not buy a special candle and save it for viewings only?

8. Have a think of the order you want to show your viewer around and pick out which features you want to focus on during the viewing. If you are looking for help on this, please get in touch (0191 4978310) and I will be happy to arrange an appointment to come out and view myself. Afterwards I will give honest feedback and highlight some positive changes you could make to improve your next viewing!

Or if you would rather, we can always do the viewings for you!

 Introducing ‘The Property Clinic’ on Saturday 28th January 2017 at 498 Durham Road, Low Fell, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, NE9 6HU.

Email me for an appointment at nicholalogan.be@gmail.com or call 0191 497310

If you are struggling to sell, or thinking of putting your property up for sale, let me know and I can arrange an appointment to offer further tips. I can also come out for a dummy viewing on your property to get your home prepared for sale! I will also be on hand to answer any questions or uncertainties you may have about the buying and selling process.

So now I have told you all of my top tips for preparing your house for a viewing, I thought I would end on a less serious note and share with you my inspiration for this week’s blog:

The perfect example of how not to do a viewing…

& Remember, if you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree. 








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