First Time Buyer? Follow the Blackberry Brick Road into the New Year.


Hello everyone and welcome to the Blackberry Estates Blog, I hope that my advice in the below post will help you in your search for your first home! From my time working as a sales negotiator in an estate agents I have met my fair share of first time buyers, and after just recently purchasing my first house, I truly believe the more advice you can get, the better! After all, it is probably the biggest purchase you will have ever have made, and advice is free – there’s not much you can get for free nowadays is there!?

There are so many things to consider when looking for your first home, and you will no doubt ask yourself ‘how do I find the best mortgage?’ or ‘where will I get the best deal on house insurance’, but today I am going to give my advice on the actual house hunt itself, the fun part! It is a very exciting but scary time, so I wanted to share my top ten tips for finding the perfect first home.

  1. REGISTER YOUR DETAILS – You may think it is old fashioned but spend a Saturday morning registering your details with the local estate agents. Online searches are great, but local estate agents know which houses are due to come on the market and if you register with them and meet face to face, we are much more likely to think of you if your dream house comes on the market tomorrow to get you first in to view it!
  2. SET UP RIGHTMOVE ALERTS on your phone for the criteria you are looking for so you are more on the ball and kept up to date with the newest of properties as soon as they go live. You can also click Rightmove added in the last 24 hours etc to see the new houses daily that go on the market in your specific areas.
  3. HOWEVER, DON’T JUST USE RIGHTMOVE , there are many search engines for finding property so don’t assume every agent will be on Rightmove. Zoopla, find a property, on the market, primelocation are all property portals where you may find new properties that aren’t even on Rightmove.
  4. USE SMART MAPS on Zoopla, you can mark out on the map which area you will look in so only the properties in the streets and areas you want will show in your search.
  5. DRIVE AROUND YOUR LOCAL AREA looking for boards and seeing which streets you could see yourself living at; you can then see what parking will be like at different times of day and get a feel for different areas, not just looking at photos online.
  6. READ FREE NEWSPAPERS, many agents will advertise in free newspapers and this is also a good way of spotting new stock as the most recent properties or properties which have had recent price reductions will be advertised there so you might find a bargain.
  7. CHECK YOUR VOICE MESSAGES, as an estate agent myself, I know that we leave endless voicemails, most of the time telling you about the hottest new properties that have came to the market that day, so please do listen to them or you might miss out on your dream house & if you have now found, let us know, we will stop pestering you I promise!
  8. VIEW VIEW VIEW, you won’t know if a property is for you if you don’t view! Don’t rule out properties you may be interested in if one thing puts you off from the photos – this can easily be changed. You need to try see beyond the decor and try to visualise yourself living there. If it’s in a good location for you, view it.
  9. USE POLICE UK WEBSITE, if you are unfamilair with a particular street or area use to have a look at the crime statistics –
  10. GIVE SPECIFIC FEEDBACK, don’t be scared to tell agents what you really thought of   the property after your viewing, it will not only help the seller make changes for any future viewings but will also help the agent find out exactly what you are looking for   and help find your dream home in the process!

I hope this helps in a small way and that you find your perfect first home in 2017!

& Remember, if you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree. b